The project


The underpinning idea behind FRIGUS is promoting tourism in the countryside south of Padua, by classifying and enhancing the important heritage – made of villas, castles, churches but also typical local products and arts and crafts – found in the municipalities of Agna, Anguillara Veneta, Bagnoli di Sopra, Cartura, Conselve, Pernumia, San Pietro Viminario, and Tribano, all located in the Bassa Padovana area.

Anguillara Veneta_Campagna con Colli Euganei sullo sfondo
Bagnoli di Sopra_Campagna presso via

Bordering with a city of art like Padua, with the Euganean Hills and its natural park to the north,  the river Adige to the south, and just 60 kilometres (37 miles) from Venice, this part of the countryside has remained almost intact, its centuries-old history leaving a sign that can still be seen nowadays: from the many villas and churches studding its landscape, to the rivers crossing it.


With this portal, we wish to create a place where we can narrate these lands and their distinctive features, a starting point where you can find information and recommendations to plan a weekend dedicated to rurality.

Our name and logo


A common element crossing this area is the Stradon del Vin Friularo, a Roman road whose name comes from wine. According to some studies, the word “Friularo” comes from the Latin word “frigus” (cold), as the grapes of this kind of wine are traditionally harvested in the second half of November, when it is cold.


The Latin word “frigus” recalls something cool or crisp, and is there anything better than a leafy tree for a cool, relaxing place to stay? Similarly, the grape leaf that is so commonly seen in our countryside, evokes wine, a symbol of conviviality and refreshments. Moreover, this echo to a leaf, to its structure and grain reminds us of a net, of a web of people and relationships.


This return to the origins and to a Latin word should be seen as a return to the essence of things, which we have translated into the minimal logo designed for out project.