Tourism in the countryside south of Padua

The Frigus project

The FRIGUS project promoted by the towns of Agna, Anguillara Veneta, Bagnoli di Sopra, Cartura, Conselve, Pernumia, San Pietro Viminario and Tribano was born to support tourism in the countryside south of Padua


This region, known as Bassa Padovana precisely because it is located in the southern part of the province of Padua, borders with the Euganean Hills to the north and the River Adige to the south.


This area mainly features a countryside that has remained almost intact, a place where time passes very slowly and the earth determinates, through its colours and scents, the succession of seasons.


The Bassa Padovana welcomes visitors with its extraordinary rural landscape, a place where castles, villas and abbeys, evidence of a human presence and of centuries of political and military events, fit into a vast, harmonious countryside crossed by rivers and canals, a memento of the centuries-old relationship between this area and water.