Oratorio del Capitello

Oratorio del Capitello

Anguillara Veneta (PD)


A typical element of Anguillara Veneta, and one that is particularly dear to its inhabitants, is a little church known as “del Capitello” which has a circular plan (as do the two bell towers on the sides), and is located along the main road leading to the town.


The building, designed by Federico Tietz, an architect from Trieste, stands on the ruins of a church destroyed by the flood that occurred in 1300, dates back to 1865 and was commissioned by the population as a way of saying thanks to the Virgin for the end of a cholera epidemic.


The Oratory is home to an ancient and valuable marble statue, which is very venerated in the village, representing a sorrowful Madonna that holds her son laid down from the Cross in her arms, supporting him on her knees. The sculpture is an example of a vesperbild, a kind of sacred representation of Germanic origin that developed in the mid-14th century and later spread in Italy. According to scholars, the Pietà of Anguillara comes from Salzburg and dates back to the first quarter of the 15th century.


Address: via Roma, Anguillara Veneta (PD)

Open to the public

Info: Parrocchia Anguillara Veneta https://www.parrocchiadianguillaraveneta.it

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