Gorgo della Novizza

Gorgo della Novizza

Anguillara Veneta (PD)


The Gorgo della Novizza (the Bride’s Whirlpool) in Anguillara Veneta is a pond approximately 40/50 metre wide, surrounded by reeds and dense vegetation, whose history is linked to an old legend narrated by the elders of the village.

Many years ago a marriage was supposed to take place in the church that used to be there. The bride and groom arrived, together with their friends and families. The woman, who was not happy with the man her father had chosen for her, angrily and desperately cried she’d rather be swallowed up by the earth than marry a man she didn’t love. And sure enough, like magic, the earth opened up and swallowed the church, the bride, the groom and all their guests, leaving in that place only a hole full of water that is now appropriately called the Gorgo della Novizza (Gorgo de’a Nuissa in the local dialect), and from which, every now and then, people hear bells at night.”

Detailed historical cartography shows that the “Gorgo” has been the same for centuries, located on the side of a road originally known as “Arzere vechio del Gorzon”, which is now the street leading to S. Luca di Tribano. There is also a document dating back to 1606 that refers to the legend when mentioning Anguillara “…which contains, above, going towards Olmo, the “Gorgo della Novizza” which is submerged here and from which, at night time, one can hear sounds, singing, rackets and see ghosts that terrorize and sometimes make people shake…”


Address: via Nuova, Anguillara Veneta (PD)

Info: http://www.comune.anguillaraveneta.pd.it/il-gorgo-della-novizza.html

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