The earliest documents mentioning Conselve date back to 954 and speak of “Caput Silvae” and “Caput Silvis“, thus designating a settlement built on the edge of a forest area that was so wide it reached and went beyond the Adige.


Everything suggests that, for long centuries, much of Conselve’s area was a swamp made of marshes, ponds and streams of water with a disorderly and easily overflowing path, an area featuring dense and spontaneous vegetation, low and forest-like, that progressively grew as the swamps, also thanks to the sun’s heat, dried up and left sizable alluvial plains.


The current area of Conselve has been inhabited since the Neolithic period, then marked by contacts with the Etruscans and the Romans, who built a deviation of the Via Annia, the road leading to Aquileia, here, thus connecting Conselve with Padua.


After being owned for a long time by the Da Baone, a Paduan family, it passed under the dominion  of the Da Carrara family; in the 13th century it was controlled by Ezzelino III da Romano, and was later ruled by the lord of Verona, Cangrande Della Scala, to finally pass under the rule of The Most Serene Republic of Venice in the 15th century. The Venetian period was a time of great economic splendour for this town and its surrounding area, also thanks to land reclamation works and the regulation of the lakes.

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