Church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo

Church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo

Anguillara Veneta (PD)


Simple and sober in form, the Church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo of Anguillara Veneta was built at the beginning of the 20th century; the exteriors are in a Romanesque style, with exposed-brick walls embellished with white stone elements, small arches under the frames and narrow, long windows.

Inside, the nave’s pointed arches, the ogives, and the ribbed vaults of the presbytery and the apse area vaguely recall the Gothic style.

The overall plan is rectangular, featuring a large nave that can be accessed from the big door on the south wall and from side entrances; the large presbytery is three-steps above floor level and is followed by the choir and the apse. The sacristy and a minor nave are located symmetrically on the sides. On the left, the majestic bell tower and its pointed pyramidal spire stands in the opposite direction of the square.

It has preserved all the main furnishings that were already in the demolished building, including five altars – one of which is attributed to artist Antonio Bonazza – and an altarpiece from the 17th century.

Address: piazza Matteotti, Anguillara Veneta (PD)

Open to the public

Info: Parrocchia Anguillara Veneta

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